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  • The Buzzword of the Day for 09/01/2015 is:mundane (adjective) \mun-DAYN\ What does it mean? 1 : of or relating to the world : worldly2 : having to do with the practical details of everyday life : commonplaceHow do you use it? Mundane tasks like ironing and turning on the lights became impossible when the storm cut off electric power to the region. Are you a word wiz? We came up with a bunch of example sentences using "mundane," but only one uses the word correctly. Which sentence do you think is correct? A. The highlight of the exhibit was a rare, mundane vase from the 5th century. B. It took a mundane effort for Ed to get the toboggan to the top of the hill. C. Rhonda's charm lies in her ability to find pleasure in mundane things. D. A new breed of dog called a mundane is becoming popular in Denmark. Check your answer on Word Central.


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