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  • The Buzzword of the Day for 02/23/2017 is:frivolous (adjective) \FRIV-uh-lus\ What does it mean? 1 : of little importance : trivial2 : lacking in seriousnessHow do you use it? "He dropped gradually back into his old frivolous and easygoing ways and conditions of feeling and manner of speech, . . ." (Mark Twain, _The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson_) Are you a word wiz? Oops! We forgot to finish the quotation above from Mark Twain. Using what you've learned about the word "frivolous," tell us which of these answers you think is the actual ending of Twain's sentence. A. "and he frequently and earnestly lectured us about the importance of hard work and sacrifice." B. "and no familiar of his could have detected anything in him that differentiated him from the weak and careless Tom of other days." C. "and the selflessness of his intense devotion to our worthy cause was an inspiration to us all." D. "and I feared that his remaining years would be spent in nothing but serious pursuits, utterly devoid of any pleasurable pastimes." Check your answer on Word Central.


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