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  • The Buzzword of the Day for 10/24/2014 is:hamlet (noun) \HAM-lut\ What does it mean? : a small villageHow do you use it? "The hamlet lay not many hundred yards away, though out of view, on the other side of the next cove . . ." (Robert Louis Stevenson, _Treasure Island_) Are you a word wiz? The word "hamlet" is quite old, but we'd like you to guess just how old. When do you think "hamlet" first appeared in English? A. Before the 1100s, when English was quite different from the language we know today. B. In the late 1300s, about the time that Geoffrey Chaucer was writing _The Canterbury Tales._. C. In the mid-1500s, around the time that William Shakespeare was born. D. In the early 1700s, when Jonathan Swift's _Gulliver's Travels_ was published. Check your answer on Word Central.


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