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  • The Buzzword of the Day for 01/17/2017 is:prune (verb) \PROON\ What does it mean? 1 a : to reduce by getting rid of matter that is not necessary or wanted b : to remove as unnecessary2 : to cut off the parts of a woody plant that are dead or not wantedHow do you use it? "The men went down the rows first, pruning the thick grapevines and leaving a few long branches or ‘canes' on each trunk. She followed, along with others, and tied the canes on the taut wire that was stretched post to post." (Pam Muñoz Ryan, _Esperanza Rising_) Are you a word wiz? Which of the following is NOT an example of pruning? A. cutting off the dead branches on a tree or bush B. taking out unnecessary words in an essay C. reducing the amount of money set aside for something D. gathering evidence to use in making an argument Check your answer on Word Central.


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