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  • The Buzzword of the Day for 04/29/2017 is:apply (verb) \uh-PLYE\ What does it mean? 1 a : to put to use b : to lay or spread on c : to place in contact d : to put into operation or effect2 : to give one's full attention3 : to have relation or a connection4 : to make an application : make a requestHow do you use it? Ms. Santos advised us that on the extra credit question, we would need to apply what we had learned about fractions to a new kind of problem. Are you a word wiz? Apply yourself to today's quiz. Which of the following Latin words do you think is the root word of "apply"? A. "parare," meaning "to prepare" B. "pectere," meaning "to comb" C. "parere," meaning "to produce" D. "plicare," meaning "to fold" Check your answer on Word Central.


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