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  • The Buzzword of the Day for 03/27/2017 is:bona fide (adjective) \BOH-nuh-fyde\ What does it mean? 1 a : made or done in good faith b : acting in good faith2 : genuineHow do you use it? "As the President finished reading the paper (which I beg leave to assure my readers is a bona fide copy of one written by bona fide girls once upon a time), a round of applause followed, and then Mr. Snodgrass rose to make a proposition." (Louisa May Alcott, _Little Women_) Are you a word wiz? "Bona fide" was first used in English as an adverb. When do you think English speakers first started using the adjective "bona fide"? A. around the time that genuine gold was discovered in California and the gold rush began in 1849 B. soon after Congress ordered bona fide copies of the Declaration of Independence to be distributed to the states in 1777 C. about the time the Pilgrims reached Plymouth on the original _Mayflower_ in 1620 D. just before Leonardo da Vinci painted the actual _Mona Lisa_ from 1503 to 1507 Check your answer on Word Central.


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