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  • The Buzzword of the Day for 10/21/2014 is:rephrase (verb) \ree-FRAYZ\ What does it mean? : to say or write (something) again using different words in order to make the meaning clearerHow do you use it? I don't understand what you're asking. Can you rephrase the question? Are you a word wiz? Which of the following do you think is a good example of someone rephrasing something? A. Dad was going to be late for dinner, but then called to say he'd be there after all. B. Our teacher has required us to read three books on the list he gave us. C. Mom said we had to be home by curfew, and then clarified: "Be home by 8:00." D. School pictures will be taken next week, which means time for a haircut. Check your answer on Word Central.


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