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An emergency permission form must be signed and physicals on hand before any athlete can perform in a game.  Also, a uniform fee must be paid before each student will receive their uniform.


We believe participation of our children in athletics at Holy Cross Lutheran School provides an opportunity to form a well-rounded person.  It is our goal to have the coaching staff help/teach each athlete to develop to his or her fullest potential as an athlete and Christian person.  We hope to develop character traits such as self-discipline, responsibility, leadership, teamwork, self control under pressure and Christian conduct in victory or defeat.

These things will benefit our children as they grow towards adulthood.  We at Holy Cross Lutheran School believe that full participation in athletics is important for all of our children, regardless of one’s ability.  It is our goal to boost each child’s self esteem and self-confidence as well as learn Christian conduct in association with the competitiveness of athletics.
At Holy Cross, we will desire and strive to win, but will not accept a “win at all costs” philosophy by our coaching staff or athletes.  Coaches shall strive to train athletes well, assure athletes are having fun, are not afraid of failure, enjoy their teammates, and have a good relationship with their coach.  Holy Cross believes that positive encouragement and technical training is a successful formula.

Holy Cross will not judge a coach or team based on their win/loss record.  Success in Holy Cross athletics will be determined by the development of our children, Christian actions of our children in winning and losing, and the ability to give fond memories of Holy Cross athletics for our child athletes and their families.

It is our goal at Holy Cross to give each child and their family the chance to achieve memories of personal and team success or failure through full participation on our athletic teams.

All students are expected to demonstrate a Christian attitude in all aspects of athletics. This is true from practices, to the athletic contest itself, as well as being a spectator. With this as our basis, the student, coach, and parents will exit the program having learned not only more about a particular sport, but also more about what our Lord wants from us.

Team Sports

The Bluejay Mascot

Holy Cross Lutheran School participates in interscholastic volleyball, basketball, cheer leading, and track for students generally in grades 5 - 8. These activities are offered to help develop the bodies and skills that God has given our children and to develop Christian attitudes towards sports and other people.

Athletic Eligibility

Any child in eligible grades who is physically able, is faithful in attendance at practices, and maintains athletic eligibility may participate in the sport program. A physical examination is required before the first practice for all sport.

To play in a sport or participate in cheer leading, a student will have at least 28 quality points and no “U” or “F” grades.

Every student who wishes to participate in a sport will be furnished a complete Student Athlete Handbook which more fully explains Holy Cross policy and procedures for sports.

Game Day Attendance

Athletes are required to be in attendance for the full day in order to compete on that day.


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